For more information or to book a snow kite lesson:
First Flight Lesson:             $150 (tax included)        2 hrs(2 people maximum)
This is the starting point for anyone who wants to try out the sport but doesn't have any gear and has little or no power kite flying experience.  If you have your own skis or snowboard it's a good idea to bring them to the lesson and depending on your progression, you may get to use them.

​​In this lesson you learn how to pick a site, wind and weather basics, kite terminology, the wind window, how to safely set up, launch, fly, land and pack down a trainer kite assisted and unassisted.  You should qualify as an entry Level 2 snow kiter by the end of this lesson.

Snow kite Lesson:           $350 (tax included)        4 hrs
This is an all inclusive lesson that combines the First Flight Lesson (shown above) and two hours of additional snow kite lessons to take a new student from a beginner all the way to an entry Level 3 kiter.
*For this lesson you should know how to ski or snowboard and bring your gear to the lesson.

In addition to the First Flight Lesson you will learn more terminology, how to safely setup, launch, fly and land a full size kite, learn how to deploy the safety systems, recover and re-launch, how to use the kite to pull you as well as how to go upwind and downwind in both directions, hand signals, right of way rules and pack down. 

After the lesson your instructor can discuss your progress and what type of kite will work best for you personally.  In most cases additional lessons will be required to become a fully independent and safe snow kiter.  ​Kite lesson packages are also available with the purchase of a new full size kite.

​Gear For Lessons:

Prairie Kiteboarding supplies the kite, harness and helmet for the lesson.  Participants should bring their own skis or snowboard to these lessons if possible.  If you already own a kite bring it to the lesson and the instructor can inspect it, set it up and fly it as part of the lesson if it is safe enough to do so.

What To Wear:
Dress for the weather conditions of the day, the same as you would if you were going to the ski hill.  Wearing layers is best if weather conditions change.  Bring goggles and a helmet if you have your own.  If you have any safety equipment, impact or protective gear that you normally use, feel free to wear it as long as it doesn't limit your ability to participate in this sport.  Wear winter boots and ski pants.  It's also a good idea to bring drinking water.

About Lessons:
All new participants MUST sign a "Release, Waiver And Assumption Of Risk Agreement." before any lessons will commence.  All participants under 18 must sign the waiver and have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver.  A parent or legal guardian must be present during the lesson.
Minimum age for lessons is 12 years old at the instructors​​ discretion.

A snow kite lesson location map will be emailed to you after confirming a lesson time and date.

The lesson must be paid for in advance or before the lesson starts.

Lessons are based on a first come first served basis depending on availability.

Anyone that purchases their own gear from Prairie Kiteboarding or has a gift certificate or has paid for lessons in advance will have priority upon booking.  If you have already confirmed a lesson date with Prairie Kiteboarding, you will not get bumped.

If you cancel the lesson you will be placed at the bottom of the current waiting list.

If the instructor cancels the lesson, you are still next in line with the exception of others that have confirmed dates and prepaid lessons.

Ask to be placed on the "Short Notice List" where the instructor will have your phone number and call or text you anytime there is an opening, cancellation or weather conditions are favorable for a lesson.  This usually allows for one to two hours notice to come out to the lesson location.

The instructor will make the final call on or before the day of the lesson if the lesson needs to be re-scheduled based on bad weather, high wind or gusty conditions, extreme cold or wind chill or for any other reason.

Contact the instructor before the scheduled lesson if you have any questions.

The instructor will not teach you how to ski or snowboard, but will show you the proper technique to use your skis or snowboard in order to snow kite.

**Kiteboard lessons will only be provided under the strict parameters set and enforced by Prairie Kiteboarding, therefore Prairie Kiteboarding and the instructor have the right at any time refuse or cancel any and all lessons and will not be held accountable at any time, for any reason, for cancelling, including prepaid.  Reasonable effort will be made to fulfill lesson obligations under no time constraints, limits or deadlines**

Already have kiting experience and need a Kiteboarding Member Card?
A certified instructor will check your level and certify you according ​to international standards.